To catch mice, you will need to set up traps in areas where you have seen or suspect mice activity. There are several types of traps that you can use, including snap traps, which kill the mice, and live traps, which allow you to release the mice without harming them.

To set up a snap trap, place the trap along a wall or in a corner where you have seen mice, and bait the trap with food that mice like, such as peanut butter or cheese. Once the trap is set, check it regularly, and dispose of any mice that you catch in a humane manner, such as by burying them.

To set up a live trap, place the trap in a similar location, and bait it with food. Once a mouse enters the trap, it will be unable to escape. You can then release the mouse into the wild away from your home, or you can relocate it to a new area.

When catching mice, it is important to be careful and avoid harming yourself or the mice. It is also important to address the underlying problem that is attracting the mice to your home, such as providing them with food or shelter. This will help prevent new mice from entering your home in the future.

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